"well maybe we wouldn’t be such freaks if people didn’t have big meaty claws"

"what did you say, punk?"


"well these claws aren’t just for attracting mates"

Anonymous asked:

Hello Dea. Do you think they ever held hands on camera and we missed it? xo


I think this moment in their music video is a bit overlooked or underrated if you want. It’s the most intimate hand holding ever happened on camera if you ask me. They just came from hospital in Ghana, Harry and others are upset with what they saw (understandably) and Louis is holding or at least touching Harry’s arm/hand in my humble opinion (I’m sure of it). Right at the beginning you can see it a bit (sorry for shity screenshots, you literally can’t take better ones, the camera moves too fast):



This is a few seconds later and you still can see the angle of their arms, Louis comforting Harry:


So basically the only hand holding/touching I will ever care about.

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That YouTube has almost become a monster that won't stop growing. Anyways to end my ramble, I had to be one of the ones I hated so much and just pushed to the front and was to shy to ask for a picture so I told him what I wanted to say and that was it. Yup. So jealous that you were able to go to sitc! If I wasn't from the us I would totally go next year ok thanks for listening to me bye

I know that moment when you have to join them :/ I’ve been to sitc 2013&2014 so I understand what pisses youtubers off when you want to meet them, sadly some younger more… how shall I phrase this, ‘unaware’ viewers, don’t know how to control themselves.

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Your veeoneeye post, I'm just going to ramble for a moment. I met him at warped tour in Portland and I'm a really shy person so I didn't just crowd around him like all the girls were doing and was waiting for them to clear out a little so I could go say hi. But they've gotten so aggressive and it really sucks because of how fast he's gained his popularity that not a lot of the newer viewers know about him as much and just like him for his hair. Wow I know that sounds really pretentious but(tbc)

I agree about the new fans, like its fine to like him and want to meet him, but you gotta know the rules and how meeting youtubers works! with Jason at SitC 2014 everyone had formed an orderly queue at least…